As a culture, we’ve never been great at handling sadness or any negative emotions for that matter. Sad people around us make us uncomfortable to a point where we think the opposite of happiness is wrong.


“Get yourself back together,” we’d say.


We are going to need to talk about this.

Welcome to Hey Positivity by Despina, where it’s about “embracing sadness and creating happiness”.

Hey Positivity emphasizes the need to: 


Be honest with yourself.


Play to your strengths.


Don’t deny your personal experiences.


Use social media mindfully.


Seek the right environment.


Destigmatize mental health and therapy.  

Who runs Hey Positivity? 

This site, its content, and I are a work in progress. 


My name is Despina Singh Cheema. I was born in Greece to my Indian parents and grew up there until I was 12, after which we moved back to India. 


I hold a postgraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. 


Whatever life I’ve lived so far I’ve developed into a Type-A overachiever with a strong drive to do more and be more. I wanted to be valuable and lovable only to end up feeling stretched too thin and having to take a step back all the time. 


As soon as I finished university I started working as a writer. I have worked for 5 years in 3 different organizations. I worked hard and thus I achieved a lot for a person who had only 5 years of experience. From a web content writer to a content team lead to then a head of content, the journey has been gratifying in terms of designations, learnings, and salary. Until one day, I decided to resign from being head of content. 

Why Hey Positivity?

Besides that’s the designation I always wanted, it no longer served me, grew me, or made me happy. I could not feel myself as a part of a bigger purpose. Every move was mostly towards capitalism without honoring individual personalities. The reasons to leave were piling up one over another, so I decided to walk away for good. Maybe, I knew it was time to start writing about topics that felt meaningful to me.


When I was 22 years old I was diagnosed with depression, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), and anxiety. Since then I have been on and off visiting a neuropsychiatrist as I have had relapses that affected my day to day life.


I am working my way up to visiting a therapist to make my life not less sad but more accepting of sadness so that I can create happiness. I am learning to embrace my emotional sensitivity, doing my best to understand where my illnesses come from, and learning to give my mental illnesses as much importance as I give to my physical ones. 


Hey Positivity is my way of building a career that suits my nature and allows me to leverage my negative experiences in life for good. I crave the opportunity to make a difference and decided to make a change. As I share what I’ve discovered so far, I hope you’ll find it helpful too.


Apart from this, one can see me watching some sitcom, documentary or a reality show on Netflix. I might also be reading a John Green novel (huge fan) or even booking the next stand-up comedy show to watch in the town. I believe in non-traditional forms of learning and going with the flow. So you can see me asking questions (mostly to myself) about one thing or the other all the time. 


While not everyone will relate to my specific experiences, everyone can relate to the universal struggles and that’s what Hey Positivity is about. For the same questions, we can all identify and use the answers that make sense for us individually. 

A Disclaimer 

But at the same time, I’m not a therapist. Neither I nor this site intends to provide psychological advice. The content here is designed to support, not replace, medical, psychiatric or psychotherapeutic treatment. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. 


Before using this site, please read Hey Positivity’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. 


I am working towards holding a postgraduate degree in Psychology so that I can share my experiences even more responsibly. I also dream of writing a book one day. And I most probably will. 

Can you share your experience? 

I believe that there is something contagious about sharing yourself openly. It’s powerful to know each other as authentic and imperfect human beings.


Though I run this website, I invite you to share your insights and personal experiences. You also can contribute towards destigmatizing mental health or simply being yourself. 


Comment, share the posts or introduce yourself to my Instagram profile. If you want to contribute a blog post, a piece of art, or anything related to Hey Positivity, please read the guest post submission guidelines. I try my best to be really welcoming. 


We all have something to teach and something to learn. We are all in this together. 


I’d like to end with my favorite quote by Ruskin Bond,

“And when all the wars are over, a butterfly will still be beautiful.”