25 Life lessons I have learned by the age of 25: Be kind, do good, care about things


16. Don’t let people bully you

This has to be the 16th point in the life lessons that I’ve learnt. Take a stand for yourself. No matter how good-looking, smart, or intelligent you’re, there will be people who like to make fun or belittle others. They’re either insecure or think of themselves to be superior. You don’t have to be angry with them or hate them. Show them the mirror, and pity them.

17. Not all battles are worth winning

Or even participating. Why even take that aunt’s comment personally? It’s not you, it’s her. You don’t have to win against a chauvinist jerk in the office. You don’t have to take things to your heart. Being an over-emotional species, I may not be the right person to tell you to move on. However, any time I feel:

One: A situation doesn’t fit me in – I remind myself this quote of how, “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, but there will always be someone who hates peaches.”

Two: I don’t want to fit in the situation – I tell myself, “Not my monkeys, not my circus.”

You’re bigger than your circumstances. Look at the bigger picture, pick your battles and move on to the next one and next one, and next…

18. Sit on as many chairs before buying one

Don’t settle for jobs, friends, life partner, anything. At times, you may have to give up on circumstances, though. But sit on as many chairs as you can before buying one. If you don’t like the chair, change it. Don’t get stuck there. Try new things, set standards for yourself, and stick to them as much as possible.

19. Take heartbreaks as lessons

Life lessons without heartbreaks? I know both kinds of people. People who are abusing their exes and people who are taking them as lessons. The latter win. No matter you change the chair, or you’re the chair that has been changed, know that people are not against you, they’re just for themselves, and so is the case with you.

20. Sometimes, thank life for being unfair

We keep on crying over how life is unfair. I don’t want to sound insensitive, but can you imagine the horror of knowing that every bad thing happened to you happened because you deserved it? Just let life play unfair sometimes.

21. Do be, Do be, Dobedobedoooooooo! 

It’s difficult out there and you can’t live off to your potential forever. You cannot brag about things you haven’t accomplished yet. Eventually, you have to start doing things and then become the example you always wanted to set. You do something and be someone, so do and be.

22. Moving away may cost you people

When you’re the one moving away from home, or any place, you’re the one who ends up being responsible for keeping the relationships you leave behind alive. And if you keep putting off people in your life, they will leave you. The choice is yours. I have to admit I may not like all of my choices.

23. Nobody cares about you in public

In real. Before someone tells you that you should not care about what people in public have to say or think about you, let me tell you that the public doesn’t care in the first place. Truth bombs be fallen, nobody cares because they’re too busy thinking of themselves too. 

24. Express & respect yourself

I wasn’t very much expressive before. I am still working on it. All I know is that you should not be scared of being too expressive, scared of opening up a little too much. It’s okay to say it than regret on never saying it. Also, you are as important as anyone out there. I know it doesn’t happen overnight.


Respecting yourself takes motivation, working on yourself, talking about things that define you, trying out different things. As soon as you observe things and build opinions, however, it rubs off. You start believing in yourself. So shape yourself until you respect yourself.

25. Unfortunately, there is no expiry date to insecurity

It’s funny how besides knowing all of the above life lessons I am still insecure in my life. Everyone is. When I was growing up I thought I’ll grow out of being insecure too. I have certainly grown more secure and rather self-assured in many ways now. But I’ve also realized that insecurity is part of being alive.


Insecurity in one shape or the other, everyone has to just continue working on it. One thing I’ve learned from my brother is that you have to chill, no matter what, don’t always overthink situations. Sometimes things are very simple and we’re the ones who complicate them.

Signing off,

You’ve to be willing to risk screwing up in life. That’s why I have started this blog – Hey Positivity! To screw up! Just kidding. There’s really nothing to be afraid of. 



When not a writer - a reader. When not a reader - a writer.

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